[Irvine] Class 302 三年2班

I love Taiwanese food, and S and I sometimes lament that there really aren’t enough options in San Diego (which would be why, every time we go to LA, we eat five meals per day and bring back as much as possible).  Recently, we went to a concert in Irvine, which also has a number of Taiwanese eateries, including the ever-popular 85C Cafe.  Unfortunately, since our concert ended late, we did not make it to 85C Cafe, but instead went to Class 302, which started in Rowland Heights and recently opened its second location in Irvine.

I never went to elementary school in Taiwan, but my friends said that the decor, tables, and chairs really remind them of their schools.  The seating area was actually quite big, and there was a separate counter for take-out orders.

Cute wall decor

Chinese menu, written on the chalkboard!

The menu is rather extensive, and we all had a hard time deciding what to get.  They have snacks & appetizers, bento boxes, noodle soups, rice dishes – all the things you can find at casual Taiwanese eateries.  In the end, I decided on the pork feet with peanut bento box (花生豬腳便當).

Pork feet with peanuts bento box 花生豬腳便當

Bento veggies: mung bean sprouts, baby corn, cabbage, & carrots

The bento box had a layer on top with the veggies and rice on the bottom, and the pork feet were served in a separate dish.  I thought that sort of defeated the purpose of the bento box.

Pork feet, veggie layer, rice layer (served with ground pork sauce and pickled cabbage)

The pork feet were actually somewhat disappointing – they were not as tender as I had hoped, and there was no trace of peanuts.  I liked the veggies and rice though, and the portions were huge so I happily took half of the meal home for the next day ^^

We also ordered some sweet potato fries to share.  I love sweet potato fries, and in Taiwan they are often seasoned with plum spice powder, which really brings out the sweet potato taste.  These were crispy and delicious.

Sweet potato fries with plum spices 梅子地瓜

And of course, I had to get milk tea.  FYI, I ordered it with half sugar – the waitress told us that they made their drinks on the sweet side.  Half sugar was just about perfect for me.

Milk tea 奶茶

If I had known earlier, I would have saved room for the famous snow ice – there were two pages of the menu dedicated to snow ice…!  How disappointing that I didn’t notice until it was too late… oh well, next time I will be sure to save some room for dessert!

Class 302
10890 Culver Dr., Irvine, CA
(949) 552-0555

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  1. Yes you definitely need to go back for the Snow Ice! So yummy. I actually like that the Irvine location is much bigger than the RH one. And you need to go to 85C too for bread =)

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